Welcome to the project site for the cwdj parallax directive.

NOTE: This directive used to be known as the ng2-parallax directive. Due to versions of Angular being released with versions above 2 (and the fact that it hadn't been updated to follow the Angular versions since Angular was in beta 😫), it has been re-branded as cwdj-parallax instead.

Since this package has changed how it's built entirely to be using the Angular packagr installed with @angular/cli, it now has the ability to be used in any way that you are most comfortable with.


In order to install this plugin, you can just `npm install` it like so:

npm install --save cwdj-parallax

Using it:

Register it in the module that you want to use it in:

Then you can then use the directive anywhere within that module like so:

This plugin assumes you've added styling to the element you've put the directive onto. A few that I suggest are height, width, and background-image. You can override any of the default settings by passing in a configuration object or by specifying , you'd like to customize the functionality. One way you can do that is by passing in a [config] object through the HTML.

For more information, check out the examples page.

Any feedback is much appreciated. Log issues, send pull requests, you know the drill.

Thanks for showing interest in this project and hope you enjoy it!